Guest of The Inquisitor
by Jefferson James

Late in the night, Maria was awakened by the sound of shuffling feet and hushed voices. They did not emanate from the hallway outside, but from behind her within the cell itself.

Maria looked to the woman in the stocks beside her own. She too was awake. She, however, did not seem surprised by the presence of others within the cell. The look on her face was more one of reluctant acceptance.

"Do not cry out, child," she said, in a soft voice. "It will do no good; no one will come. And in the morning, you would be accused of having consorted with demons."

Two male hands came into view and took hold of the woman's skirts. As they were lifted up and over her back, the woman lowered her head in shame. Then, she closed her eyes and moved her legs apart.

Somewhere in the darkness a man snickered and said, "This one has been trained well. She knows what is expected of her."

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